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Halliburton Pipeline & Process Services.


Employer: Halliburton Pipeline & Process Services on behalf of Petrofac Ltd.

Location: Shetland Isles

Contract Size:  We supplied and installed 9no. corrugated steel tanks suitable for containment of Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) each measuring 11.98m diameter x 4.59m high to meet the capacity requirement. Each tank was supplied with a 1.00mm Butyl Rubber liner and steel tank roofs which were supplied with lockable inspection manways.  A secondary bund liner was also installed beneath the tanks to meet local authority environmental requirements.

Purpose: The new Laggan Tormore Gas terminal had a requirement for the storage of 4,500,000 litres of Mono Ethylene Glycol to be safely stored on a temporary basis.

Contract Period: 51 Days