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Attenuation Tank Installation Instructions


Model of attenuation tank

Butek Tanks step by step guide to installing an attenuation liner.

In this guide, we will be going step by step through the process of Installing an Attenuation Tank.

Figure 1: An example of attenuation shoe box manufactured from Landflex AS material with a demo crates inside.

Figure 2: Insertion of attenuation lid on top of the crates.

Figure 3: Continued below.

Figure 4: Fold 300mm wall flap in at both ends of attenuation tanks as shown in figure 3 and 4.

Figure 5: 150mm wide Landflex AS tape and seam roller supplied with attenuation tank.

Figure 6: Apply the 150mm Landflex AS tape along the side, joining the lid to the flap, as shown in figures 6 and 7.

Figure 7.

Figure 8: Apply 150mm wide Landflex AS tape along each of the folded joints on the corners of the attenuation tank.

Figure 9: Duplicate the process to seal the other side of the attenuation tank.

Figure 10: Add 2 strips of Landflex AS tape across the end joints.

Figure 11: Use the template to position and mark location of pipe sleeve outlet as per Figure 11.

Figure 12: Place the Landflex AS tape around the the pipe sleeves base plate to seal the pipe sleeve to the side of the attenuation tank as per figures 13 and 14. Allow for an overlap of tape in each corner.

Figure 13: Finally, secure the pipe sleeve unit to the pipe with a stainless steel jubilee clip.

And now you have an attenuation liner fully installed! Thank you for following our Attenuation Tank Installation Instructions!

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