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Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF)


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I dialled in to the NFU webinar on Tuesday about the Farming Investment Fund. This was a really helpful (and short!) presentation about the grants available through the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) and the Farm Transformation Fund (FTF.) The presentation gave us the explanation of the difference between the two funds. The slides are available here via the NFU website for members. The main difference appears to be the scale of the projects that apply. The FETF (formerly CPSG) is for projects that cost between £2K and £25K and FTF is for £35K to £500K.

There was plenty of time for questions to the NFU’s experts afterwards.

For the FETF there is up to 40% available for a project but it must be for very specific equipment items from the DEFRA list. The eligible items are all described and the grant amount for each on the Government website here.

New items that were not previously available under CPSG include Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

There are two different Rainwater Harvesting system sizes listed. The 50,000-litre system (item code FETF22) being appropriate for many settings where rainwater from agricultural buildings is otherwise going to waste.

The smaller version is for a minimum capacity 5,000 litres of storage (item code FETF21), which is suitable for collecting water from roofs for use on the farm or nursery, and must include a two stage pre filter to remove debris etc.

The project kits must include the correct above ground storage tanks and filter system.

These items are available from Butek Tanks, a dedicated website for above ground galvanised tanks purchased direct from the manufacturer, designed to your application. Butek Tanks are part of the Butyl Products Group who are the leading UK manufacturer for liquid storage and containment equipment. Each galvanised steel tank we supply with a Butyl liner, steel roof where required, all accessories and assembly tools. These tanks suit a range of available spaces and arrive in kit form so do not require access for articulated trucks or major mechanical handling facilities.

In addition, Butek Landline also provide a full installation and commissioning service for larger applications.

The Farming Transformation Fund has opened as a Water Management theme.  These grants are for projects involving irrigation, livestock, and water supplies for food crops. The intention for the size of these grants is to support construction of on-farm reservoirs, lagoons, lakes and irrigation equipment.  There is an online checker to see if a project is applicable for the grant available here on the government website.

It is essential to act fast as applications must be received by 7th January 2022 for the FETF fund and 12th January 2022 for the FTF outline application.  There should be future rounds of the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) and a new theme for the Farm Transition Fund (FTF) but that has not been announced yet.

Butyl Products Group incorporating Butek Landline and Butek Tanks is on hand to assist you with the entire project – from application through to project completion.  Please feel free to contact our team for further guidance and information.