Attenuation Tank Liners

Butek Tanks design and manufacture Attenuation Tank linings (also known as ‘Shoe Boxes’) which are used extensively in the UK for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

Our liners are manufactured from a high quality Landflex AS material, which is the material of choice for attenuation tanks, due to its strength and flexibility which makes it easy to install compared with HDPE and LLDPE linings.  In addition, we can manufacture from a range of petrochemical / hydrocarbon resistant materials for applications where the attenuation tanks are destined to be at increased risk from contaminants (for example, petrol forecourts, airports and car parks).

Each attenuation tank is supplied in kit form to enable self-installation by groundworkers or local labour.  The kit includes the Attenuation Tank Lining and lid, puncture resistant Geotextile underlay, ‘Top Hat’ pipe sleeves, jubilee clips and adhesive which enables on-site sealing to 110mm/160mmØ inlet/outlet and vent pipes.

Our attenuation tank ‘Shoe Boxes’ feature high frequency welded corners perfectly shaped to enable a good fit with the attenuation cells which they are designed to house.  UK engineered attention to detail dramatically reduces the need for on-site labour and subcontracting to specialist lining contractors.  Each shoe box is fully certified and supplied with a certificate of conformity to demonstrate the attention and dedication to quality.

We can manufacture single shoe boxes up to 600m3.  For projects which are larger or more complex in shape we can offer assistance with on-site installation using our directly employed technicians with specialist thermoplastic welding equipment.

Please see our Attenuation Tank Liner Installation Manual in the resources below!

Please contact us on 01277 653281 to speak with one of our engineers who can assist you further with your project.

Butek Tanks Attenuation Tank Liners.

Typically the largest single piece that we can produce based on attenuation cell heights:

35.0m x 19.0m x 0.4m high

35.0m x18.0m x 0.8m high

35.0m x 17.0m x 1.2m high

Any size below these measurements can be supplied fully prefabricated

For larger attenuation tanks we can provide a quotation for supply and installation of the base and wall lining, with installation of attenuation cells (crates) and lid (taped) to be completed by the contractor.

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