Pillow Tanks / Water Bladder

Our Pillow Bladder Water Tanks are a robust, lightweight and cost-effective solution for your liquid storage requirements.  Available in a range of materials to provide the appropriate resistance to a number of liquids and chemicals as well as being suitable for drinking water and wastewater applications. 

Our bladders and pillow tanks have been developed to be suitable for all climates, easily deployed and re-useable. The water tanks are extremely mobile and can be unrolled and used on any area of flat ground that has been cleared of debris. 

Each standard tank includes all necessary installation tools, instruction manual and repair kit.  We can also supply an extensive range of options for connections and pipework.

Capacities ranging from 1,000 – 100,000 litres and easily installed by 2 people in around 15 minutes.


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Pillow Tanks / Water Bladder

Our robust, lightweight, and cost-effective Pillow Bladder Water Tanks provide a versatile solution for your liquid storage needs. Crafted from a variety of materials, these tanks offer the necessary resistance against a wide range of liquids and chemicals, making them suitable for both drinking water and wastewater applications.

These Pillow Bladder Water Tanks are for WATER ONLY. If your requirements consist of a different liquid, then please contact us directly with your enquiry! 01277 653 281 | Enquiries@butekponds.co.uk | Get in touch!

1,000 to 100,000 litre capacity

Suitable for deployment in ALL climates

Installed by 2 people in under 15 minutes

Includes instruction manual and bladder repair kit

PVC groundsheet included

Supplied as individual tanks or as part of a kit to include optional pipework, pumps and tap stands for water distribution

Standard bladders are suitable for water/wastewater storage.  Bladders suitable for truck-mounted transportation and storage of other liquid chemicals / contaminated wastewater are available upon request.

Standard Pipe Connection Kit consists of the following:

  • 2” BSP(M) Barrel Nipples x 2
  • 2” BSP(F) ¼ Turn Ball Valve x 1
  • 6.0m length 2” reinforced suction/discharge hose terminating in 2” BSP(F) swivel hosetails x 1
  • Roll of PTFE thread sealing tape x 1

The Standard Pipe Connection Kit terminates at 2″ BSP(F) which will connect to a 2″ BSP (M). If you require connections to a different assembly then please advise at the time of order.

Product Specifications

Construction Detail

Pillow Tanks / Water Bladder

All bladders and pillow tanks are fitted with reinforced corner mouldings with integral tie-down holes and an automatic pressure relief valve set at 1PSI (0.007Nm/m2) to prevent bursting through overfilling.

Outlets: Medium Duty Static Water Tank (up to 20,000 litres)

One 2” BSP(M) reinforced PP moulded outlet with a screw cap to one side of the tank

One 4” BSP(F) PP moulded outlet with PVC screwed cap and integral pressure relief valve at the top of the tank.

Outlets: Heavy Duty Static & Transport Use Water Tanks (up to 100,000 litres)

Two 2” BSP(F) anodised aluminium screwed outlets installed to one side of the tank.

One 4” BSP(F) anodised aluminium screwed outlet with PP screwed plug incorporating an integral pressure relief valve at the top of the tank. Extra outlets can be provided to suit the tank application.


Medium and Heavy Duty Tanks up to 100,000 litre capacity

Base cloth: PES/PES (1100g/m2)

Breaking strength: 4000N/5cm

Tear strength: 600N

Adhesion: 100N/5cm

Temperature resistance: -30C to +70C

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